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Only being back in the UK for the past few days and my sites were firmly set to getting my feet wet asap! Low and behold the guys have been waiting weeks for a session like yesterday … Come midday the skies became blue and a teasing 15 knots matured into a healthy 20-25. First day back on the water is always good, but i decided to take it easy, cruising around to discover my hands and feet again.

We all finished on a smile and my passing thought was i can’t wait to get all my New 2011 North Kit for the school this friday! Wahoo! Though there was one distraction … a friendly chap on the beach who had broken his wetsuit still decided to brave the inviting but cold conditions with his summer wear. I promise you, i needed gloves, boots and a hat … this man had Kahoona’s of steal?!

So Lessons start from this weekend … weather permitting! Can’t wait to get Back to Buisness!

Big Up!

stava 🙂

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