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Over the past 10 days we’ve experienced nothing but light sea breezes barely touching the 12 knot mark. This afternoon was one of those kitesurfing sessions where all good came to those that were patient.

What seemed to be a dying flutter of wind evolved into the the most perfect 15 knot evening sea breeze at Lancing. Combined with my North Evo 12m and Skim fish i spent the the majority of the session reminding my self why this kit was so good in light wind kitesurfing conditions.

Personally i don’t like flying kites bigger than 10m’s but the North Evo 12 is one of those kites which has the personality of the rider controlling it. If you wish it to be cruisy with little bar input it will sit there and if you wish to be more pro-active with your flying it will turn on ints tip as soon as you command. Think i’m going to try 35 – 40m lines soon …

Having a kite so stable which keeps the power on makes this an excellent engine for the North Skim Fish. Over the past month i’ve been using nothing but this board to experience water time and it dosn’t fail to put a smile on my face. You can’t beat it for a fun ride and a brilliant patform to start unstrapped sessions. Plus it keeps you upwind when others are struggling.

Have a go on one when you get the chance! You won’t regret it!


Ps. The Sea was like a warm bath too … Shorty and shorts weather! 🙂

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