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Well … Yesterday saw the end of another great Kitesurfing season for BN1’s teaching program. We finished in true glory with a land lesson on the Tye with Nick at 8.00 am. Though my it was brisk, such a chilly reminder of how the UK winter winds can blow straight through you when they descend from the North.

This month we’ve had a plenty of conditions for everything. Teaching, playing in the waves and on the still ones a moment or two for some Suping … πŸ™‚

Last Thursday, Brightons Lion & Lobster hosted our Xmas Dinner. Serial restaurant room but lots of fun! So cheers to those that came …

Today, I’m off to France for a week. Time for some training myself in the white stuff. Then Toblerone Land to enjoy a winter season.

I will be blogging through the winter months, but to wind up …

A big thank you to All at Lancing Kitesurfing Club, Lancing Parish Council and everyone who invested in BN1 Kitesurfing’s experience this season. Especially the trips away …

Be safe, Have Fun lets hope for another fantastic Season of Wind next year … !

cheers again

stava πŸ™‚

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