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Wahoo! 2013 Season is on …

I’ve been back 2 weeks and happy to witness the change of seasons. I have to admit we are probably a month behind on the weather front with chilling conditions spreading through April, but the South Westerlies are here … Friday evening I ran my first lesson of the year with Mr Hughes. A coaching lesson for both of us I believe … Mine being to remember to try your new drysuit on before going down the beach … My neck seal was so tight I thought I was going to pass out at sea … Not good! Fun session though and so good to be walking on water again. Nice One Rich! So with lessons happening through the weekend we can safely say we have started!

But …

This morning I’m writing from Egypt … Being April and the weather proving to be so in consistent I decided to put together a workshop pre season to encourage 6 keen riders to find there feet again. One will have a larger challenge than the other five as he just completed the Brighton marathon on Sunday … Sore and many other words can only describe!

So lets have a huge hand for the Kitesurfing season that has begun & do keep checking in to see how much fun we are having in the land of sand …







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