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Hey All,

So we’ve just passed mid season and I think we can safely say we have seen it all. From Hot In March, Baltic in April/May and Floods plus seven centimetre hail stones further up North in June. My lasting memory of leaving the UK the morning of our Soma trip was lashings of water falling flooding the roads and fields surrounding us. What will July and August bring … ?

None the less, this hasn’t stopped another kitesurfing season. There’s still plenty of wind pushing up our coast, plus the benefit of a few more swells for the wave heads. You just have to be prepared for one day to be as different as the next. Summer conditions then Spring/Autumn conditions …

I do have a piece of advice though, don’t leave home with out any of your toys because its likely their the ones you’ll be needing when you arrive at the beach. This year its been all about the small kite so far and I love my North 4m Evo … πŸ™‚

We’ve meet some great new students, plus some returning ones upping their game in the bigger conditions … It’s pleasing to see the progression from Flying to Performing!

Keep it coming and as always I will leave you with a few pic’s …

Have fun where ever you choose!

stava πŸ˜‰

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