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Hi All,

Looking at the date, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted a blog …

After the Uk Kitesurfing teaching season had drawn to an end in Nov, it seemed like perfect timing to pull away from the grid for a weeks. These days it’s so easy to become dependant on the wonderful gizmos we surround ourselves delivered by western world. Once in a while it’s refreshing to remind ourselves how it used to be without so many forms of communication.

When in the mountains its so easy to do this, forget the hussle and bussle and enjoy the world for what it actually is and not through the eye of a digital screen. Oh for that red notification tab … ?!

This year life in the mountains has been as adventurous as always, not short of its excitement and dramas. The most dramatic being to find an excellent reason to have a right hand drive vehicle in left hand Europe. Overtaking lorries flooding the highway with blocks of hardened snow. One attempted to land itself in my passenger seat. In times of shock and challenge it’s amazing how the human mind finds ways of pushing through to our destination. It was a long haul …! Though Synergy kindly loaned the early century sledge a a temporary set of wheels … πŸ™‚

The beginning of this month started with a revalidation course for my snowsports cert in Tignes France. It’s been a while since I was on the other side of the white board. I loved it, to be a student again, feel your back to base level, be a sponge and soak it all in. The Jedi Master for this course was Neil Mcnair, or better known as the ‘Turn Guy’ due to his talent for turning seemlessly on any terrain laid out in front of him. He advised us on new tools and techniques to help us through our season ahead and to hopefully scratch the playing field he so rightly owns … Time will tell!

And for Davos … So far, we have a valley full of snow & more falling! A new team member at Synergy Snowsports called Ben. A cool chap who likes to straight line, spin and fool around in the air as much as his day will allow. Its all fun!

Looking through the net I see Xmas period has had some wind on the South coast. So if your enjoying the conditions … Have Fun & stay warm!

Until my next blog … I wish you all a Very Merry White Xmas and a Happy New year!


stava πŸ˜‰


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