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Having a van with much gear to accommodate can always be a challenge when utilising space. Last year I purchased some new wheels and became confronted with the question ‘ how should I rack this one out without wrecking it?

As always while attending a SUP Course, life’s journey introduced me to Drew from Action Vans who specialises in racking out lifestyle and water sports vans. A brilliant piece of luck … thus solving the puzzle. So late winter last year I drove over to his factory in Hampshire to piece together a system which suited something for the school with out blocking out all the space for future use with the van.

A year later I’m super happy with what we built … ‘simple and effective’ with the added bonus of being able to adjust the size of the racking with fiddling around with nuts, bolts and spanners. The biggest bonus is the lack of corrosion, anyway that has owned a van with water sports ion mind will understand the downsides with using some materials for racking … Aluminium may be a few pennies more but in the long run & 12 months later … it still sparkles new.

So, many thanks to Drew and his team for helping out BN1 with designing a racking system which can be tweaked to make your toys fit …

Very Happy! 🙂

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