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Hi All,

So we have just come just arrived back from an awesome week in Egypt – as always Soma Bay didn’t disappoint …

With 6 days out of 7 producing 10m weather for the guys and girl … their progression just kept coming. The 4th day is aways the hardest with muscles and limbs telling you to stop and uncannily Soma delivered a rest day to enjoy the sun and have a few chats about equipment.

We had a couple of new faces this time round with Matt and Ian joining us. Matt possibly being the smiliest chap I’ve ever meet and Ian one of the most chilled. Pete seemed to think we had a Butler somewhere on the team where Yas struggled to keep her board stuck to the water. Marc had just run the Brighton Marathon the day before we leaved so I have to take my hat off to the chap for dealing with his aches, pain and blisters and showed a fine job of walking on water. Ash … was Ash there … he seemed like a different Ash … are yes now he’s flying around the turquoise water … Angry Ash has gone!

After every trip I always think that was my favourite yet but in truth … they are all good for their own reasons … So looking forward to the next one …

Where should we go?

Cheers all

stava 🙂

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