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Hi All,

With a start to the Olympics overlaping our summer months its all about sport. Its been an amazing 4 weeks with a wet start and finally dring out on the 3rd week for a glimpse of summer. Not a lot of breeze that week but enough to go flying with the big wind to focus on my own progression at 1000 ft upwards. I’m kicking myself to be honest for not taking a camera on two occasions as the view from the office was something to be shared … A picture for the future πŸ™‚

As were on the subject of pictures, down on the beach we have another keen lens snapping away at all the action. Gary Levett is definitely a peoples photogragher, grasping many a funny moment or a class shot. You’ll spot him standing on the beach with his hi vi and as the weeks go on the shots just get better … Keep up the good work Mr. He’s been kind enough to allow me to use his images so have a peak below.

Kb4 Girls has just passed this weekend, great event which gets better every year! Plus it’s not so bad having lots of smiley ladies running round the beach. Good to see Sarah coaching from Always Windy.

With the wind in and the Olympics in fall flow, good luck to Team GB. If your not clued to the box or visiting a live event, get yourself down the beach and … have it! πŸ™‚



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