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I’ve been pretty slack on the blog front over the past few weeks, due to the fact there’s never enough time in the day. Life has become one steaming wet wetsuit and recreating a trench at low tide on Lancing beach, as one hasn’t stopped walking up the same path catching kites and giving advice. Which is all good as my comment at the beginning of the month about the fact I would eat my hat if it was windy for the Whole of August is becoming reality. Uk summer conditions have never been better, there always seem to be a puff of wind sometime during the day …

Local riders are crawling up and down the beach with their eyeballs hanging down by their ankles commenting on how knackered they are … can’t work out if its euphoria or pain there trying to express. You know its good when people leave kit down the beach ringing up saying they’ve lost their bar and lines. Make hay while the sun shines I say!

Its been a bit quiet on the flying big wing front … due to wind, but the few opportunities we’ve had have been memorable. I took off the other day and got hit by my first gust front approaching the hill. It was Scary to say the least! Rock and Roll time, I honestly thought something bad might happen. At about 500 ft up, I turned around to see a friends glider having a 70% collapse, only to re inflate … but man that stuff gets your heart going!

So for the early part of this week we should be getting our feet wet with moderate to fresh SW forecasted. Tides are morning and evening this week, and then hopefully we’ll have some fun on the hill for a day or two …

Have Fun!

stava 🙂

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