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There’s been a few discussions through from the commitee on how pleased they are with the response to membership to joining the Lancing Kitesurfing Club. This year has been a year of transition with Kiting area’s and kite schools being allocated to the beach by the Parish Council.

Overall … the season has gone pretty smoothly and for sure we’ve all had a learning curve with how the structure of things need to be managed in the future. A great step forward for Kitesurfing in the Brighton area.

Just for reference, if your not sure how to join the club and get your BKSA Liability insurance at the same time … Log on the the Lancing Kitesurfing Club site and click on the join button. This will direct you straight on to the BKSA site where you will automatically will be logged on as a member when you pay the fee.

Gez … the chairman has stated that we don’t have too many girls on the list considering how many we see down the beach … time to have a an end of season party i think! 🙂

Get Joining Guys and Girls!


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