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You know when its windy when the trees are edging towards the 45 degree mark as you drive to the Lancing beach. And then there’s that thought going through your head ‘some days are just not for teaching kitesurfing?’ Today was one of those, but that did meant it was an open playground for those that knew how and owned small rocket ships in back packs. 5m North Evo was the order of the day which at times seem to grow in size … it was windy!

With a downwinder on the cards the anticipation of when to leave was agonising … just waiting for that one last rider to sort themselves out. We had a driver at the other end so it was on … Sun, wind, waves and plenty of energy. To be honest i could try descibe the run but i can’t decide which bit was best ? All of it was ace and the ending was even better … King Alfred was going off !

When you get one of those few days of the year asking you to do this, just do it … you’ll have no regrets!

Nice one to Dave for doing his first downwinder … it’ll be hard to better that one!

stava 🙂

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