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I’ve just come back from a pretty memorable evening…

Have you ever heard of the ‘Bushman Brothers’. If your in the Surf industry you may know them better as Brian & Steve or the Kellner Brothers. Two highly talented characters of life who are big hitters in what ever it is they choose to dedicate their lives to. Whether it be Music, Skating, Health & Fitness, Surfing or Kitesurfing … It’s all about giving their all & truly inspiring anyone wishing to be enthused.

Last night, Brighton’s Sallis theatre hosted their Gig launching the bands latest Album ‘Tone Tonic’. Though I have to admit I could have been sat in the Duke of York watching the Latest Cult Surf movie with all the friends and faces of the local community … Great atmosphere!

So if you like a chunk of electrifying guitar playing and  thumping drum sessions take some time out to witness some raw talent. I promise you you’ll feel privelaged. Check …


Thanks for a great night boys! Love Acid Cowboy!


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