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Now here’s a Question for you … ?

Have you had that experience where you have been gripped by one of the most exciting sports on the planet, had a sleepless night about the next session and now found your self in place where it seems to have plateaued and gone a bit flat. Are you struggling with upwind performance, generally holding a line and coming off the water with a few aches and pains. Maybe your self taught, been riding a few years, and it’s all a bit backwards and forwards, watching the world go by, drifting off to places which aren’t exactly present and feel a little un inspired to try new things … or of you do they don’t quite work out?!

Now here’s a story for you …

I had a big wake up call 10 years ago when I opted to be trained as a Snow Sports Instructor. Snowboarding was a sport I had self learnt in my early twenties with friends. I always found it fun but I also realised I was no natural and didn’t hold the qualities in my riding technique which I evidently had in windsurfing. This often became frustrating, especially in variable conditions. To put a finer point I lacked certain inputs in my fundamental riding to create a dynamic style with flow.

The Basi statement is ‘Ride how you wish in your Ride in your own time as we do believe in freedom of style, but we will advise you on key inputs which stem from the beginner central theme to improve your progression’ Exercise and work on these key fundamentals as this will only improve your overall output in all conditions. I liked the sound of this and thought this is it … I’m going to get a magic potion to sort my riding style out and give me confidence in bumpy terrain … I’m going to be a star!

Mmmmmm! It didn’t quite happen like that … nor did it for a lot of other riders, especially the freestyle variety. On a two week intensive course Tempers flew, personalities clashed, some of us passed and some cried! Just for the record I did pass …

but … and a big but too …

My biggest challenge was changing engrained habits to adapt to a technique which made total sense to all board sports. Even more frustrating, this was technique I could already exercise in windsurfing & Kitesurfing but challenged to transfer it to Snowboarding. Why? maybe because I grew up with water sports … and may be because I’m challenged psychologically by gravity sports and heights. Yes you did read right I don’t like heights … And I paraglide?! Funny how vertigo disappears when one has a canopy above my head and supported by the security of the elements …

DSC04510 - Version 5

Eight years down the line with much training with the added bonus of learning an extra discipline like skiing, I’m witnessing some results. It’s a journey that has been tough and at the beginning of every winter season I struggle with flex, movement, and general fitness to create what the head wants to do but the body won’t allow. Three to Six weeks later we have Progression, the days on the hill become longer and the groove in the head becomes a beaming smile πŸ™‚

A lot of this is due to having great mentors to ride with that provide constant reminders of techniques and drills to exercise … the other is to discipline yourself to take a course every now and then. Whether it be a couple of hours in a day or a week away with some like minded souls. Plus don’t be afraid of the camera or a video … Their honest tools and will only be your friends if you allow them to capture your moment!

Kitesurf Coaching

Stav Coaching Kitesurfing

With key influence’s from other sports we’ve been able to translate many ideas to the Kitesurfing Program. Our tuition structure is now focusing on riders Progression through many individual & group Coaching Sessions. Kitesurfing is still very much in its early stages and now branching off into disciplines such as surf, race and freestyle it going to super important to know your getting the best out of your core fundamentals, such as Stance & Posture while Flying & Trimming your kite . These are the essential foundations for pushing your progression that much further. So if you wish to be sending yourself sky high, carving the perfect turn, completing a course race or even just wish for a little inspiration to create an even bigger smile on you face … why not invest in a Coaching Session … It’s Fun!

Below are some testimonials from a few riders I’ve coached recently …

August 2013 – Anna Orchard

Anna Orchard

After reaching a plateau in my progression I went to BN1 for a coaching session to improve my riding stance. What an incredible improvement in one session! Stav is an excellent communicator and I found his clear and logical explanation really worked well for me. The best teachers are always able to identify the most relevant way of communicating their message based on the way their students learn. Since I snowboard it really helped me that Stav being a snowboarding instructor used this to tailor his explanation of what I needed to change. As someone who is a visual learner it’s helpful that Stav uses a camera to show you what you look like out on the water so you can pick up on areas for improvement. Re-evaluating the basics with a instructor can iron out bad habits and ultimately help you progress faster which is why I enjoyed my session so much. I feel much more motivated to build on this learning having had 1-2-1 tuition and would thoroughly recommend BN1 not just for learners but for those wanting progress faster.

July 2013 – Andy Mulliner

Andy Mulliner

Having felt my kiting had become stale and plateaued I approached Stav at BN1 for an injection of inspiration in the form of a 3 hour coaching session.
Incredible what can be achieved in such a short session. Stav worked rapidly from the ground up. We spent time tweaking and developing my stance and posture which had become lopsided from bad habits. From this core platform Stav demonstrated that all other moves and techniques can be mastered rapidly.
I left the session feeling my kiting had gone up a couple of gears. I was faster, more stable and confident. I learned a new move and the tools to branch into the world of jumping.
Thanks Stav. An epic day.

June 2013 – Morten ‘The Viking’ Manicus

Morten Manicus

After having tried a few different instructors around Europe I finally meet Stav. He coached me from a basic Zero to what I feel is the beginning of a journey to a simple Hero. He made me evolve faster and better then I had expected, and has a great way of explaining the techniques in a simple and understandable language.

I would recommend him to everybody – by far the best instructor I have meet.

You are the ginger ninja – my hero!

The fat Dane

See you on the beach when the wind blows …


stav πŸ™‚

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