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Every now and then you witness something very special, and someone who just makes every challenge very simple. Natural talent is rare and this weekend I had the honour of just that. Learning anything can be so individual and witnessing Djmitri progress over his two day course just reminded me of a few other characters I have had the privilege to teach. Earlier this year I taught the son of a a famous Russian clown to snowboard, he was legendary when it came to thinking with his feet. Djmitri had the same feel with his hands … I’m sure he’ll be attempting bar passes within the year if he creates time on the water.


Along with natural talent I take my hat off to Tim Savage who gets my most committed award this month. 5.45am start to his lesson is pretty impressive but as he stated when you have a family time is precious and you just make the most of your opportunities …

So here’s to making the most of our opportunities and enjoying the wind this month!

Have Fun!

stava 🙂

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