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Have you ever been to a location where it’s so consistently windy, you can’t sleep due to an overexcited night dreaming of kitesurfing expectations that will spoil you the next day. Well thats Dakhla ‘Morrocco’ to a T. Unless it’s because your ears are too near to the sea view window or you & your room mate compete with farm yard impressions for eight hours 😉


Here’s how a typical day in the Desert  rolls …

6.30 am – You wake up … Its Windy!

7.30 am – Watch an incredible sunrise from the East ridge

8.00 am – Buffet Breakfast on the Veranda with awakening Souls

9. 00 am – Group Breifing/Yesterdays debrief

10.00 am – Centre opens it’s rescue service

10 – 1pm – Kitesurfing Time. Tuition & Coaching

13 – 15.00pm – Lunch … Someone turns up the wind volume a few notches

15.00 – 18/18.30 pm – Afternoon Catch Up/Tuition & Coaching. Kitesurfing & rescue cover from the centre

18.00 pm – Free to Kite in your own time till twilight which is about 20.30 or drink beers 😉

20.00 – 10.00 pm – Three course meal on the Veranda

10.00 pm Onwards – Indulge in the warmth of a camp fire while drinking scoops of your choice or pass out and recuperate like a puppet missing your strings.

For a run of 15 Days with an average wind strength of 20knots plus, this is pretty much how the Moroccon machine rolls. Add a few ingredients, such as visits to wave spots, downwinders and needed rest periods to vary the non stop routine, there’s never a dull moment. With the added attraction of meeting many like minded people visiting the camp throughout your stay, this has to be one of my favourite spots to focus on the sport and lifestyle we have so chosen to invest in. If you do just that … You’ll be more than rewarded with progression and fond memories from the magic of the Western Sahara …

Testimonial   ‘Rob Sortwell’

Rob Sortwell

Firstly, and in summary, I was utterly blown away by the whole thing! From start to finish I had a blast, the organisation worked like clockwork, the location was stunning, people were brilliant and your coaching faultless as usual!

I think you have an incredible ability to understand people and then assess the best way to teach them. I think the format was absolutely perfect, a good mix of both technical off the water stuff and hands on feedback on the beach! I think the group feedback and goal setting sessions are a good way of having daily manageable targets and a really good way to see progress and development, but also a way of challenging yourself, you know where other people are at and can then learn from others who might be better than you.  I think it was the right level of guidance to go off and work on your own within practice time.

As for my personal progress, I’m over the moon with where I got to….and I think my list of accomplishments tells that story! From not feeling confident setting my kit up and just about board starting to feeling safe to judge the kiting environment and going out on my own, riding up wind to the end of the lagoon, transitioning, riding toe side, jumping and doing a downwinder….!!!!!!

Thanks for an awesome trip, it was not only the kiting but also the people I met, I think you put together a really fantastic group of like minded but different people, a testament to your understanding of people and judge of characters!!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Catch up when you’re back!


So … Until Next Time!

Thank you Dakhla, The Team that came, Joe from Windseekers and all that made this trip so special …

Enjoy the Pics!


For more future trips away please contact myself on [email protected]  or ring me on 07719 565011

September – Mauritius ‘Bel Ombre’

October – Egypt ‘Soma Bay’






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