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Yes, to start the year I’m going to be very British and chat about the weather.

Well … Where do you start explaining this weather. Why not? It’s the one bit of science which forms our vital energy source called wind, which allows us to go Kitesurfing.

So far Uk kitesurfers have been spoilt with winter fun as opposed to the snow hounds who have been experiencing nothing but concerning warm temperatures. Thus offering us nothing but highly temperamental snow coverage. If you look at the world as a hole, we’ve been witnessing some fine examples of extreme, the centre of the US seems to be having a mini Ice age … ?

What is happening? Who know’s? Thats the beautiful thing about what we chase … the mystery behind the Elements! The more we chase and experience what we like, the more extreme we may like it to be. Whether it be Watermen chasing Big waves & wind or winter snow junkies chasing their dreams it’s addictive and for as long as those extremes exist we may puzzle as to why and how?

What may be understood is how humble these extremes make us feel! Every now and then the planet likes to remind us who has been around the longest. There was a lot of weather long before us!

Long may it rain (or not as the case may be) πŸ˜‰

Have Safe Fun!

stava πŸ™‚

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