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First day of the month … and … What a teaser! The Dials on the Shoreham weather Dashboard flirted a 14mph so I shot down the beach to walk on water for the 2nd part of low tide but alas … not quite enough. Good news is the water is warmin an I could have kited happily without boots in the spring sunshine.

So though BN1 officially starts its season from today, the past month has been great for wind. Some days slightly gusty but still fun and enough to get some students out on the water for their first lessons of the year. We’ve experienced some waves days to which were few and far between last season. Thank you to Howard Kearley for some fun shots last Thursday. A classic Lancing low tide sunset session with a few of the guys from the club. Smashing! πŸ™‚

So here’s to a good start to the season and keep it fun when ever you have the chance to escape to the beach this month …


stava πŸ™‚

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