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Hi All,

On Sunday the 8th of Sept 11/11.30.am at lancing, BN1 will be holding the 3rd Free Safety Session of the year for LKSC. Topics to be discussed will be a refresher on Pack Downs, Self Launching & Landing and general Safety when attempting a downwinder.

Some of the things we may need to be considering are:

  • Technical Ability
  • Tactics
  • Psyhcological
  • Physical
  • Environment
  • Equipment


There’s been much activity this year down the beach with groups flying away in all directions and with the Snow Camp Charity Downwinder from Hayling to Lancing this month (now Sponsored by Virgin) this could be a good time to have a discussion if anyone has any thoughts.


Now is the time as we are in the month of Downwinders

Hope to see you there


stav 🙂

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