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This weekend loads happened! Lesson’s, Girls, Naturism, Ba B Q’s, Really early lessons, and the best skies of the year!

So, Saturday morning 7.30am my flat mate strolls down the beach looking really perplexed sleep in his eyes waving his finger, pointing out at sea asking me why he hasn’t noticed this big groin thing venturing right out into the channel. Mistakenlly and quietly corrected his observation to inform him it was a sea full of girls! Having a kite clinic with Kristin Boese. Who was doing a really good job of making it look like there was some wind!? A lot of Girls! Shame it was pants wind… so i believe they ventured somewhere else …

Around Lessons, there was BarBq’s ( where some mad dutchman randomly peeled of all his clothes to run off into the sea) Think the though of all those girls had an effect on him! I would argue with the weatherman to state sat evening was just like an India summer.

I was up at the crack of dawn to get a student in the water for the first time. We had a great time and a local fisherman offered us his version of Sunday Roast.

For the afternoon, with our sites on more water action we bumped into Aaron Hadlow down at Lancing Beach promoting his Brand with some really Pimp Alloys. Good luck to Aaron, he deserves everything he, his family have done to drive the progression of the sport through its first decade !!

Looks like Great stone this week … for filthy North easterly winds!

Come on!

stava 🙂

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