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Winter is here … but its not got the bite it had at the end of last season. This time last year we were all lobbing snowballs at each other. This time round its no rest for the wicked and were still teaching. Though i’ve gog myself one of those new snuggly Ion Drysuits it not to cold to be fair … in fact the term cold isn’t fair!

Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone … Kevin put on quite a show on both occasions … check ‘Zipper Face’.

Lessons have still been running and I even had a swift visit from my Synergy colleague ‘Donz’. Apparently he couldn’t stop feeling the burn for a week after his afternoon in the waves. Good to see him though …

This time of year we get the new releases for the North Surfboard range, plus the Evos had an earlier release date. Fortunately got my hands on a the ‘Nugget’ and a 7m. Brilliant combo, most fun I’ve had in months on the water. The board is not dissimiliar to the Sweet Potato from Firewire but in a 5ft version. Loved every minute and so does anyone who’s had a go …

So we have a SE wind for weekend so keep flying those kites … 🙂

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