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It wouldn’t have mattered which kite you opted for yesterday it probably would have only been right for a matter of minutes. What i did see around Lancing Beach was alot of running in and pumping alternate kites. If you don’t mind a bit of rain and lets face it your going to get a little wet anyway … it was fun! Until i sent myself in the wrong direction 20 feet up downwind, while the kite stayed upwind … Kite landend 10 feet away from me, and bit back introducing me to a memorable roller coaster ride down the coastline with bodies racing after us … interesting situation with a fysty 6m.

So i headed back to Brighton to be entertained by some good size summer kickers rolling in at the King Alfred. That was an inspiring half hour … Oh to ride your home beach … dosn’t happen that often with so much space and fun to be had!

stava 🙂

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