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Here in the Swiss Alps the weather is up and down like a yo yo! Today we had roaring temperatures of 14 degrees in the valley … Needless to say with the enormous amounts of snow we’ve had the town is moulding into plasticine cartoon land … its quite peculiar!

Looks like everyone is enjoying the warmer times all over aswell as in the UK. There’s been a few posts on Lancing Kitesurfing Clubs Facebook site for when the locals have been down the beach braving the coolier waters … Rock On!!

There is also a lot of chat about a scheme for regenerating the Lancing area at this moment in time. Lots of ideas flying around so will be interesting to see what evolves this coming year. Watch this space …

So … here’s to longer days and much fun where ever you are enjoying your sport of your choice this winter …

I’ll leave you with some of our latest Pic’s


Cheers stava 🙂

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