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Its been a Great but long week with wind in the afternoons @ Brighton and finding time to do a house move at the same time. Forgot how nice it is to have space and to spread out … not sure the paraglider will unroll in the living room though.

So for airsports its been paragliding AM Devils Dyke and kitesurfing PM Lancing. How could you ever be bored if you were a millionaire … Dream on!

Here’s a few shots of the happy Kampers who joined me over the past week … and i have to say it was super cool to see Franz Olry the ‘the man who invented the kite loop!’ chucking some moves and sporting the most mahusive peak on his baseball cap while riding at the Wainman demo day on Tuesday evening. They couldn’t have had a more perfect session … South west force 5 and flat conditions.

It was all about wake style!

Nice one! to Frazer from BKA over the past few months …

cheers Stava 🙂

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