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This weekend has definitely seen the change in season. Over a 3 day period there is a sudden a chill in the air. Saturday offered excellent kitesurfing all through the day. Sunday we practiced many a Pack down session around the sporadic showers which eventually turned into a magnificent thunder storm during the evening.

Sunday started with a SUP along the coast with Mrs Gerry Broom the bendiest lady in town. The Downwinder Safety Session went well too … This was more like a discussion about preparation & expectations when tackling a Downwinder as well as having an enormous amount of Fun. Definitely gave us all something to think about and what to build on for the future …

With the Virgin Armada approaching and a decision on whether this enormous Procession will happen from this weekend, we took some time out on Monday to meet Dan Charlish (organiser) and Lewis to really get an insight on how this is going to be managed. It’s very impressive with talk of GPS devices from Trac Trac that allow the organisers to know where any one of 300 kites is at one time. The day will be very precise & with any luck they expect to see at least 50% make the full run. The fact that Virgin have sponsored this for the next five years means that if you do only wish to ride to the first check in point at Pagham (respectable distance of 15miles) you have the next 4 years to train for your goal πŸ™‚

We meet locally at the Worthing Fore Shore Office so the local Rescue Service now have a much clearer picture on how Kitesurfing works and the procedure for rescuing us & equipment. Now there a great bunch, I only ever see the Hi Vi & quad bike whizz by the beach several times a day past Lancing, but they have got some toyds. Two boats and and awsome looking jet ski & tray to access those tricky areas.

Big Thanks to Mark Rose (my instructor) for organising a weekend around Safety, Rescue Services related to Kitesurfing as I’m sure we will can all agree that if an offer of a lift in a time of need came about … we would not say no!

Cheers to All

Stav πŸ™‚

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