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Saturday was a jam packed day for kitesurfing lessons at the beginning the middle and the end! BN1 had a new recruit ‘Pete’ who braved the conditions through his beginner lesson. And huge well done to Zuz progressing to up and riding for the first time … Wahoo!

North westerly winds forcasted all day Sunday. Combined with Brighton’s bike rally, the hill was packed with bikers, gliders, pilots and hang overs. I had two massive flights amounting to 4 hours flying and my second reaching 3000 feet from the deck. Jude and Ben experienced their first tandem with Tim King … Perfect day to fly the skies! I’m still floating around the place today but have a slight headache as i had to calm the adrenaline down with a bottle of red. Shame we missed the SHGC end of summer knees up … apparently the marquee’s were rockin!

Great weekend! Harley Davidson … !!

stava 🙂

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