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The Past week has ben all about putting that first foot in a wetsuit at 6.30am. To tell the trueth i took the luxury of doing it in the living room before leaving for the office. And what an office it was too … something about this time of year with such variable weather conditions! Brings out the best in sunrises ….

Nice one to David, Rob, Nathan, Andy and Aaron for braving the early morning breezes. Had a new recruit over the weekend … Ocean who put on a fine display of laughing and dancing round telscombe during his Beginner Lesson. Wahoo!

For the future week, looks like we have a run of fun ahead of us … bring on those 5 and 6 metre’s. Low tide is lunch times this week, so you’ll need an extra weetabix in the morning by the looks of things!

stava 🙂

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