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Mauritius delivers in all windows of our lives.


The connection to the elements and life that hosts this colourful island


Sharing the water with some of the Worlds best Riders


Sharing Good Times


Riding epic waves of all shapes and sizes


Chilling in between Sets


To witness the Bouncing Manta Ray that still bewilders the scientists of Blue Planet

/////Must byline: Pics: Roland Seitre/solent///// THE AMAZING FLYING MANTA RAYS. These extraordinary photos could be mistaken for strange-looking birds, but these creatures are actually Manta Rays, leaping out of the sea a staggering three metres in the air. The plucky animals demonstrate their acrobatic skills by bursting out of the water. Once airbourne they even flap their impressive fins in what looks like an attempt to fly. Some even manage a summersault before plummeting back into the water with an impressive splash. Photographers Roland and Julia Seitre captured the bizarre spectacle off the Pacific coast of Central America. The married couple had sailed six miles out in the hope of catching sight of whales but were instead stunned to be treated to this extraordinary acrobatic display instead. SEE OUR COPY FOR THE FULL, EXTRAORDINARY STORY. Pictured: A ray glides through the air, zooming towards, camera Must byline: Pics: Roland Seitre/solent © Roland Seitre/solent UK +44 (0) 2380 458800 WEBSITE USAGE: £75 per image, unless written agreement already in place with you.

Big Thank you to Jayshree & Family


For a roof over our heads and keeping us fuelled plus


Max & Kathrin @ KiteGlobin


You’ll wish to go back

See you again soon

Stav 🙂

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