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Hi All,

For a season which started off pretty poor and left everyone sweating for a few weeks … All I can say is its definitely ON!

The snow pack is layering up nicely and if you choose your location and environment wisely you will have a ball. As advertised on the net there have been many an incident over the past few days/weeks with weak snowpack and avalanches. If your cautious and think with your head and take in some local knowledge, you’ll be as safe as the next man. Best piece of advice I can offer is if your not sure … don’t do it! There’s plenty of fun to be had on the piste and with frequent snowfalls through the week, the goodness of fresh powder is right at your feet from 8.15 if you catch the early bird lift.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been great to see a few familiar faces from Brighton and some new ones too … Keep the surprise coming Mr Weather Man! Snow is good but if it carries on like this I’ll never need to use the Split Board! Doh!

Hope You Enjoyed the Pics!


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