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After my previous trip to Morocco I was excited but a little cautious considering how poorly I’d been, but this was a different location and environment so that experience was a time well past. I had everything crossed for a windy week and as promised the magic of Dakhla delivered every day. All I can say is if you wish to know more, read below and go  🙂

Dakhla as a location


Dakhla is a wonderful Kitesurfing location benefiting from strong consistent northerly trade winds! Between tide points you can experience many parts of the bay enjoying excellent conditions for all rider levels. The fact that the wind can blow all day is impressive though you will find yourself slowly setting into the routine of biding your time for a 3 hour session of quality riding as opposed to trying to walk on water all day and quite honestly crippling yourself.

Surf Camps


Surf camps are a back to basics holiday so be prepared for something that isn’t a hotel. This is a once in a life time opportunity for you to fully embrace the true inner surfer in you. So, if you have the time to take a break from a good chunk of the western world … it’s a must.

There’s a nos of camps situated round Dakhla Lagoon. Do your homework and pick one which may suit your needs. On my last day I did kite a round robin to see how all the conditions were for each camp. Spirit camp is in an ideal location for kiting throughout out the day though can be a little funky if you have NW winds on a high tide … Best choose to ride out in the middle of the channel for that occasion.

Top Tips

  • Have a Torch which can act as a small lantern (spare batteries)
  • Bring some warm clothes for all times of the day. Hoody, Puffa mid layer, Beanie
  • Full length wetsuit
  • Washing line & hook
  • Stronger sun protection than you normally wear
  • Water Purifier
  • Spare Protein bars or flapjacks
  • Electro lites
  • Good first aid kit
  • Immodium
  • Portable solar charger for when the generator is off
  • Have some local currency to pay your bill at the end of your stay
  • A few basic words of arabic and embrace the locals
  • Encourage a camp fire
  • Be Patient with the Wifi or have a huge phone bill
  • An open mind

What the Team had to say …


Matt Linnecar – Bizarre landscape of sand dunes bordered by beautiful light blue calm water make the first impressions of Dakhla ones you won’t forget….although we arrived at night so everything was pitch black and we didn’t see the aformentioned scenery until the morning….at which point we were all blown away. The camp’s spot itself is probably the best in the bay – it has a terrific shallow water area at high tide perfect for playing in for the more advanced, and learning in for beginners. At low tide there is then an azure blue horseshoe shaped play pen to force you to practice your transitions. For my level, it’s an awesome spot and you can stay out all day if there’s wind, constantly testing yourself and hopefully improving quickly. Of course with Stav of BN1 around this improvement process happens very quickly and is delivered with great enthusiasm. Stav as always provides just the tips you need when you need them. He knows when to leave you to your own devices and when to add the titbit of input that really makes the difference. It’s a workshop that will light a fire up the backside of your riding. The accommodation was great because we had a cabin with a view over the bay but there are varying levels, some tents, some smaller cabins further inland. The food on the whole was good although there were some incidents of food and water running out….and sand in the food…although what else can you expect from the Sahara!

Peter – The place what you never forget. Stunning white sand, dolphins can be spotted in the morning. Great atmosphere in real Saharan wildness. Perfect spot for beginners.

It helped me to stand and ride on the board within no time . Thanks for the “flat” water.
Definitely the place to remember and I will come back in the near future.

Jeff – A great location, kitespot, & group just what you want out of a kite trip. The Location gave you a few different options between High / Low tide and plenty of options from learning in the shallows, chop hopping in the deeper channel to downwinders. The accom was adequate and the food ok (only ran out the once) 4* hotel this is not so come prepered for a kite adventure. BN1 Tuition – This was delivered in Stav’s enthusiastic style both in the “Classroom”, at the bar and of course in the water where your putting the theory into practice, Short “key” points to focus on during your runs as your build up your technique (In my case stance, toeside riding and 1st jumps), “follow my leader”, “Stav says” o h and don’t forget your TTEEPP.

Matt Crumpton – very novel location in the Sahara dessert; unlike any other kitesurf location I have been. The actual resort was nice; however it was unfinished and there was a lack of organisation. The staff were very friendly and it was a nice place to be. The kitesurfing was very nice with great wind and a changing tide that made the spot interesting. A learner would have been slightly worried due to the offshore wind and the not so great safety boat. The holiday though was great with a great group and instruction; I felt that I improved alot with the great instruction and conditions.

I learnt during the trip how to improve my general riding: upwind, posture and kite control. I learnt how to jump and land successfully and also I was introduced to unhooking which was something I had wanted to try for a long time and was able to thanks to this trip. I learnt the key parts of how to pop and my air tricks improved such as my backroll. The main thing that I learnt was kite control and being very happy on the water with out thinking to much about the kite; I felt I could ride with much more confidence.

Bru – Another awesome BN1 trip in Western Sahara. An amazing location right on the Lagoon which has something to offer everyone from beginner to advanced – stunning super clean flat water teaming with small fish, octopus and dolphins. This is a proper back to basics kitesurf/surf camp so come prepared & bring home comforts if you feel you can’t manage with out them – but really best if you embrace the whole experience. The staff at the camp are super friendly and a few words of Arabic will go a long way. Excellent Moroccan food – drinks & shisha around the camp fire at night enjoyed with great friends old & new, and a few banging tunes.

Emma – Dakhla Spirit – perfect spot on a wide open windy lagoon on the edge of the dessert. There is only ONE reason to go, and that’s to kite. I’m a beginner and I progressed massively under Stav’s expert guidance. I had a couple of epic days… from body dragging in Lancing to starting transitions, speeding backwards and forwards across the bay, and becoming confident enough to the point that I feel able to go it alone back home. The wind was constant for the first few days, then dropped off a bit, for afternoon/early eve sessions only. But working around the tides and wind, I had more than enough time on the water, in what seemed to me, (and I can only compare to Lancing) to be perfect conditions. Windy, warm and shallow water. I really couldn’t ask for more, my body couldn’t take any more!

The camp is a bit of a work in progress, but it has a great relaxed atmosphere, with friendly and helpful staff. On the whole the food was great. Occasionally short of supplies, and power, and with wifi oversubscribed it was difficult to connect but who gives a ____ it’s all about the kiting, and that is awesome! Would happily go back.

Ash – Another year another kite trip this time its the call of Dakhla and its flat water lagoons and true beach bum lifestyle. with old faces and some new ones this made for great trip. the reward after a rather long two days of traveling was a huge flat lagoon that offer two different play areas depending on the tide. Spirit Dakhla camp is just as its name says. its a camp with bohemian style cabin bungalows that provide the basic needs of the true outdoor explorer. the food is good and fairly prompt although we did have the generator go one night which resulted in a very basic dinner by candle light. my suggestion to any traveller is pack lots of snacks and a few home comforts that will last the week.
overall a great trip and a completely different style to my last one with Stav’s BN1 Kitesurfing School.


Holiday Agents

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Future Trips

2014 October Egypt or Morocco TBC
2015 April/May Dakhla

Thank you for reading … This was a fun week!

I will leave you with a small edit of Polish Pete the speed king attempting to smash the sound barrier 🙂


stav 🙂

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