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Today was one of those days i imprinted a vw sign on my forehead half way up the M27 driving back to Brighton from Poole.

A wise surfer once stated ‘Never drive away from rideable surf !’

Probably due to spending many hours, months, years and a decade of burning petrol, scouting every beach on one coast, only to be frustrated by the end result. That being, the last workable beach was probably know better than the first he visited… or the swell faded away as does the wind on occasions.

So today i drove away from a perfect 18knots in Poole to be greeted by 12knots in Sussex … so my advise to you all is … Never drive away from rideable wind!

Good job its looking promising for the best part of this week with healthy sea breezes from the southwest, plus its low tide early afternoon … Wahoo!

Come and join us if you have some time …

Stava 🙂

ps. Poole live weather

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