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Hi All,

On the subject of weather, what a changeable month … Warm, cold, warm, cold, Rain, Sun, cold and Wind … but getting warmer. It’s not quite been the May of last year with constant south westerlies but we are definitely enjoying some kitesurfing …

Lessons are going well with former beginners who started their quest for walking on water at the end of last season and many  new comers too. One of my favourites is our youngest recruit so far ‘Ezme Temple’ who is showing some real potential with her flying skills at the tender age of 12. It will be pleasure to see her progress over the next few months, though I’m being very entertained by the banter flowing between her and her father … Ginge !!

I’d also like to welcome Dave Tonge into the BN1 Program. Dave’s been around for years, and used to help me out back in the Boost days. I couldn’t ask for a better fellow instructor … I especially like his choice of wheels to get to the beach on a wet and windy day …  in a Wetsuit!


Musn’t forget a Big Thanks to Tom for helping out last Sunday in his Mankini … YuK!

Here’s to a good second half of the month … May the wind Blow!!


stava 🙂

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