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Happy Xmas to you All and I’m pleased to say winter snow is arriving as I write …

Media reports suggest lack of Snow in the European Alps. In the low lands this is true but all snow that fell in Autumn and is above the Isotherm is in great condition. The past few days has seen a new layering of snow with filling some holes in allowing for a little In bounds Off piste fun.

Time to Split …

We’ve had some smashing days on the hill so far skiing & boarding but its time to add to the quiver …


Snow or no snow this year I’ve made it my mission to learn something new, break my snowboard in half and hey presto … Welcome the Split board challenge.

It’s been a few years coming as I was always been keen, but to be fair like all new things in life it’s often a good idea to allow for a few generations to pass by before investing. There’s some great options out on the market now, though my weapon of choice is with Never Summer due to the integrity of their product, seemingly bomb proof with a solid ride. Durability goes along way when you learning the ropes on two thick sticks for the first season.

Yesterday I took the new stick for a spin on the hill, once I’d adjusted the forward lean and got over the psychological factor that I was on a board which could be two, we began a good relationship. The board rode surprisingly well in some very variable conditions, a consistency of pow, soft and hard snow. Apparently it’s important to rid of much wax off the board before attaching skins for better contact … So kill a good way of killing two birds with one stone …

Today we had our first mission up hill. Brilliant fun,  though I ski … its not skiing. Your boots are soft and you have to trust the pressure in the platform of your feet to conquer a good technique when skinning an incline. Efficient technique is key, Slide each foot forward individually and try not to lift to encourage some glide … lets just say we’re getting the hang of it … and then there was the kick turn! We would be honest to say there was some clowning around at the start 🙂

It’s been a while since I attended my Mountain Safety course in Chamonix and today brought back some good memories on how rewarding an incline can be. Practicing technique up the side of a piste to accomplish your goal is an excellent way to find your legs and gain those skills in a safe place before venturing further a field where the conditions will feel more remote. There’s also the journey of working out your act as a tourer, which apparel to wear, safety gizmos to put in your bag and fuel to keep you going. If you get this wrong all manner of scenarios could occur … if you get all the above right and manage your fitness you’ll have a ball.

Today showed me Snow shoes are a great aid but Split Boarding has opened up the idea of traveling in terrain on a snowboard that I’ve longed for. In the past hiking proved to be an exhausting task due to the lack of surface area beneath you feet, now we’re offered an improved vehicle for accessing new terrain. If you like to keep fit, wish to feel more independent on the mountain this could be something for you … Inclines can be as fun as well the party run down … if you manage it correctly.

Big Thanks to John and Clare for showing me ropes and well done to Rinerhorn for building a new bar/restaurant at the foot of the hill … Now its time to get stuck in and practice 🙂

Come visit and say Hi at Synergy Snowsports (Check out the new website)



stava 🙂


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