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For this blog there’s many shots of Sunsets due to thats how September finished and October began. The final month of summer is always so good for camera work, I must get an SLR one day, but sods law you’d never have it on you when the time was there, so may be another Cybershot would do the trick. Amazing how good the i-phone is …

October has got off to a flying start with summer overlapping into the autumn month but yesterday the thermostat got turned down and my cargos came out. With all that good weather you’d have thought there would have been many paragliding days. Alas high pressure kills it … one great hour in the sky! Time to fly back to Egypt for BN1’s second workshop this year. Will keep you posted on stuff going on pending internet connection …

Musn’t forget the suncream and swimming goggles … ! Lightwind Alternative’s …

Have Fun!


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