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On Monday i drove down to Poole Harbour to visit some mates in the industry. Not forgetting my previous mistake of driving away from solid conditions i hung around for the evening breeze and have a fly with local Legend Mr G.

We had a flutter, enough to fly around on the Skim and 12m Evo. I was lucky enough to have a few runs on Andy’s custom course board … such a different feeling with the added thickness and extra fin area. Reminded me of the early days!

Immediately i wished for a faster wing … Andy uses the Rebel, slightly more high performance and far superior upwing characteristics. I was quite perplexed at first how my kite was working against and not with, the performance of the back of the board. Reminded me of the days windsurfing when your pushing to much water due to bad trimming. The board wanted to go but the kite just won’t take it there … Not sure i’ll be lurred into course racing due to mass of equipment you’ll need to be competitive but i sure would like to see a light wind fun directional that has carving in mind and wicked for cruising!

Unfortunatley the wind was short lived … but it was a Great way to finish the day!


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