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How better than to finish the year off with a trip to Paradise ! Well Egyptian Paradise …

With a Zimbabwean, Italian, Malaysian/Argentinian, A Shoreham and 2 Gingers … It was set to be an interesting week.

Committing to a trip abroad with a sport relying on the elements is a little like rolling the dice! I’m always a little nervous with the prospect of a no wind situation. But I’m game to organise such trips so I’ve always got a few joker cards hidden up my sleeve …

We had it all, no wind, Wind, good company and good food. Which I have to say was a bonus for Egypt as we all know the Egyptian Belly stories. I started writing a day to day Blog but to be honest I got half way through it and decided … Do you know what? We had a Great time and if people would like to have a small snippet of that experience. They’ll just have to come out another time ….

The magical thing about these trips and spending so much time within a group is we all develop our own little quirks and characters. So I have written a few of my favourite memories about each rider that came along for the adventure … Plus there’s a few pictures … they always tell a story!!

The Team …

Marzia the ‘Tasmanian Devil’. What ever you do please don’t ask this lady if she’s having a good holiday if there hasn’t been No wind for 2 days … you won’t forget the response! Never ask her to come in for tuitional feedback … you may just use up some of her kiting time … especially when she is borrowing your board. This Gal is focused and she didn’t stop kiting!! She’s a Star!

Jabu … ‘A man that is always on holiday’ Whether it be relaxing with a book or sending himself to the far perimeters of the universe on his kiteboard. My he’s good to have a chuckle with, especially after a few Loopy Juicies … Sports some colourful luggage too!

Marc … Alias Pig Pen (Charlie Brown) Marc has a tendency to attract flying insects??? For a man that does wash, he obviously has a unique something about him. Often found out at sea lying on a paddle board on a no wind day, avoiding his newly found groupies … Well done for getting the board on your feet Mr T!

Richard … the Machinist! This man that just kept going, but what I like about this chap is he knew when to take his lot. When you’ve kited all day from dusk till dawn … know when to hang up your kiting shoes and have a beer … or two! Styling Mr!

Bru … Bru is the Bionic woman! Once blown up by a land mine persuing her love for charity work and is very lucky to be with us today. She has all the scars to prove it. But this hasn’t stopped her from learning to kitesurf and she’s a legend in her own right. At 50 years old I take my hat off to this character of life and she’s great to have a chat with till the early ours of the morning … Keep Rockin Ms Bru!

Myself … Apparently a bit of a Charlie Brown … I’ll let you guys work that one out for yourselves ?!

Enjoy the Pic’s!

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