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So … Hands up to who has been enjoying the various conditions that this lovely little island has been throwing at us for the past 7 months. From a Summer in March to winter conditions dominating our UK summer, we’ve definitely experienced it all, and to be fair its great as there’s nothing better than a mixed bag to push our limits.

But there’s the key word … Limits!ย 

This year both Lancing & Shoreham Clubs have offered Safety awareness sessions, re alliterating Packdown techniques & Beach zoning. Due to a near fatality early season there was even a CPR day hosted by the local lifeboat last weekend. This is brilliant news for the sport and the people involved or those considering. We have now become very Safety aware.

With equipment rapidly developing as the sport moves on we persistantly test ourselves in more challenging conditions. What was a moderate wind sport is now far more exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

My point is … Be aware of your limits, Know your perimeters on the location of your choice & take some time to study the weather, but most important … Have fun safely ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers stava


Ps. Local Coastguard were very on the ball this morning when Miss Green may have needed a little help after a concerned third party rang 999. Nice to know we are looked after …

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