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I was only saying to Frazer the other day … ‘Do feel like like life has just turned into one big bodydragging lesson?’ We agreed … now it feels like one Big 40 knot kitesurfing session. Who on earth turned the wind fans up a couple of notches? Last Tuesday was what I would call a survival session. You do it coz you said you did, but seriously when what could have been this 49 knot gust from hell raced up my lines … my Kahoona’s disappeared too … ??? It was a bit like being in a wind tunnel having ball bearings pelted at you while trying to hold your ground and have some fun at the same time. Possibly perversely Bliss as only you and a few others dared to sample the goods!

In between all this fun I have managed a few Lessons, one very memorable moment was sticking the 1.5 Imp up on the hill and feeling totally overpowered … looking at my student with eyes suggesting … may be we should do this another time ??

Yesterday was amazing … a day off teaching and one of those classic Brighton sessions. Five metre Evo ,surfboard, sunset session with peeling kickers reforming every where you rode till the end … Heaven! Always feels like Home Sweet Home in those moments!

Check the picture of one my students. He was so excited his head blew off!

More this week!

stava 🙂

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