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September is such a mystical month with the weather constantly changing. This year has been a real mix of conditions, from easterlies, northelies and inconsistent South westerlies. But all in all there’s been wind and its been put to good use this week!

Been having some great beginner sessions with the offshore breezes and finally meet up with Ayaz five months after his previous session. For someone who has done know kitesurfing in between his first steps at walking on water were pretty impressive. Apparently his first thoughts when getting up on the board were ” oh my word, i’m going to be broke for the rest of my life … this is amazing!”
Not sure about that photo with Francis though … Bare in mind one drive’s vehicles like the Arc Royal for a living and the other is a transplant surgeon … ” Hello Sailor!”

Here’s my favourite shot over the past week! Had some great flying in between beach stuff!

stava 🙂

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