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January been a mixed bag of weather. Baltic below freezing temperatures and then soaring to Hawaiian shirt weather every few days. To say the least this is definitely putting the mountain through its paces, but the snow is still here and its snowing right now.

WEF week is on in Davos, so i’ve taken the opportunity to spend a few days away in a sleepy swiss village called ‘Tschiertschen’. Buddy of mine Pete lives there so he’s had the pleasure of showing me the local scene on our sticks of shame … its Wild! With its one bar and 10 locals! its just Happening! The spot is freeride heaven but needs to be loaded with snow due to being fairly low down. If its not we have the option of the Lenzerheide Park 20mins drive round the corner.

Having an Awsome time this month but i’ve forgotten what a snowboard looks like … Heeeeelp! Teaching kitesurfing courses in Brighton seems so far away! 😉

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