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Trips like these are all about the Good Times & this workshop had just that…

The Team

Throw an eclectic group of personalities together and watch it happen. This time round we had faces of current, old and new. The usual suspects Pete & Jeff, Mr Dan from our Boost days, John from Toblerone land, Chris & Steve from our local beach and Steve’s girlfriend friend Jen who sported an excellent job in professional sun bathing. We had the added bonus of Max, Rob & Kat sitting on the terraces popping in and out of Socializing plus generally causing good havoc 🙂


As hoped Soma delivered wind 6 days out of 7 and to be fair it was windy for an early 2 hours on the one light day so you can’t ask more than that.

Soma Bay

Having had such a successful trip to Dakhla earlier this year I was looking forward to see what Soma Bay good offer once more. It’s easy to forget when you haven’t visited for a while. The great thing about Breakers and the Kitesurf Centre is … they want you to have a great time, so service is everything.

Over the past year ‘Breakers time’ has been introduced into the equation which allows you to enjoy an extra hour of wind ever day. Hurghada’s wind is at its best in the morning so by moving the clocks forward an hour to local Egyptian time … Your quids in with time on the water!

Wi Fi is now free at the centre so if you do need to stay in touch with the outside world … enough said 🙂

A nice surprise was the added bonus of an offer of a Downwinder session to Tobias Island every Sat & Tues. It’s offered at an extra price but a good chance to test you downwind skills and enjoy many emerald colours that tint the Egyptian sea. Very memorable just watch out for amusing Russian Tourists who love a picture of themselves bathing in the shoreline come midday.

Team Progression

What’s the most satisfying thing about these trips? … Watching a group gel and grow together, bouncing ideas off each other and producing some very rewarding results. You know things are going well when nearly everyone is looking stylish, achieving some airtime, Steve states he’s had enough of his leash and Dan decides to try a pair of ladies shorts on.

Which was my most memorable part of this Trip … The answer would be the whole experience as their was never a dull moment from start to finish … What a Team! Enjoy the Pictures.

Watch out for the next trip in April/May … It’s looking like Dakhla 🙂

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