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Soma Bay 2012

Have you ever stepped off the aeroplane, been transfered to a hotel walked into an atmosphere where you just leaved a layer of stress at the front door … Welcome to Soma Bay!

Egyptian Sunsets, ambient tunes, variety of delicious buffet food and great company set the scene for a relaxing start to my 3rd workshop abroad. With all our holiday excitement bundled into the first evening in true British fashion this meant night swimming! And not too anyones approval from the hotel! 🙂


How It Works …

Overseas workshops are all about Sewing seeds of wisdom to help riders consolidate their riding to a standard of confidence and independence. An opportunity to become more complete act and have great foundations to build on their future riding style years to come.

This workshop the first focus was on kit set up, stance,posture, and trimming of the kite in variable conditions ranging from light to strong. Once the team had these core fundementals down to a t with the their own style added to the package this allowed them to explore their goals for the week ranging from independent circuits of the bay to controlled airtime.

So rather than giving you a daily log of the week I’m going to leave you with an individual moment from each rider of their most memorable moment


The Soma Team …

Anja (Now known as Airtime Anja) – First Take off from the water, heart and tummy were jumpin up and down which reminded you of the most exciting moment in your life. This is why I chose the sport.

Matt (Jack Russell) – Growing from a unconfident kiter to 12 foot in the air. Orgasmic in 7 days.

Sarah (Mother) – Up and riding with great a great smile on my face. Some well deserved me time !

Andy (Nutkins) – To feel like kiting is becoming second nature & enabling me to soak up the elements and other riders actions around me.

Simon (Lean mean fighting machine) Completing your first transition and consolidating to an independent kitesurfer … Didn’t stop smiling!! 🙂

From myself  – Great dynamic & Great company!

All in all I couldn’t reccomend a better week away. Soma Bay has it all from the moment you step in to the hotel door. Great food, Great Service, consistent Winds, great light wind alternatives and a well deserved holiday feeling at the end of everyday … !!

I must for a Huge thankyou to the staff at the Breakers Hotel, 7 Beaufort Kitesurf Centre for an amazing set up at the Beach and Planet Kitesurf for arranging the time away …

Shukran & Enjoy the Pic’s …

Stava 🙂


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