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Only yesterday did it feel like I’d stepped off a plane to feel the warmth & wind of Egypt …

Joining me on this trip one we had one hell of a team, this time divided into 5 men and one lass. They were …

Pete – Better known as ‘Paps’ or ‘One direction’. Nothing to do with the boy band just the fact he always rides off to the right … Though he soon proved the Italian wrong who delivered the nickname!

Marc – Definitley the Blue Steel of the team. You just need to see the passport photo where he even got away with smiling where no other has.

Ash – A man of many colourful words & phrases, and one who often drops a bombshell of a comment where others would only think. He’s a fine man with a texan hat!

Jeff – Alias ‘Mr Mears’. This is a very smart chap who has something on his pen knife for everyone. An absolute scholar gentleman who will always be there to help solve a challenge in any situation … He’s a team player!

Yasmin – AKA ‘The Bond Girl!’ Being the only lady on the team you can imagine she was treated like … I won’t use the word Princess as that will really get her back up! But let’s just say she did really well with free rescues …

Soma Bay once again delivered the goods with a week of wind & quality moments. Combined with many tales and emotions this location is proving to be my favourite for future workshops. Leaving Friday, my lasting memory was to witness the beaming smiles of a smashing holiday. So thanks to Breakers & the 7 Beaufort Team for being great hosts. Long may the wind blow … !

Next one ‘May 2013’

Enjoy the Pics

Stava 🙂




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