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Hi All,

Early Sea breezes are definitely very evident this time of year but its also a time when the weather can be very changeable. Chasing wind is an art and can take a few seasons to to get your head round.

So here’s a few top tips to help you get the best out your location

1) Best place to start is find out which beaches work in which directions – Check out our Locations page

2) Talk to Locals and find out about local effects. Often your national weather info sites will state lower winds than what really happens on the date. Lancing & Camber are a classic examples of beaches which benefit from accelerate breezes due to land mass effects during spring and summer months

3) If you have a feeling it may be windy, it’s always worth taking a chance. You’ll always gain more knowledge.

4) A wise Surfer once said to me ‘Never drive away from ridable surf’. A lot of time can be wasted seeking the perfect day.

5) The biggest school boy error everyone would have made in their journey to the beach at some point in their learning curve is … Always take your whole toy box down the beach. Never leave a kite or board at home and be prepared for the unexpected.

6) My favourite piece of advice is ‘Be Patient’ especially with weather. We are working with the elements. The planet will often deliver the calculation but not always on time. It often pays to hang around even if the picture isn’t quite what you visualised on arrival. Be a Jedi master or a fisherman … You’ll never know what you’ll catch.


Enjoy fishing for wind in the month of April … We have been! 🙂


Ps. Really enjoyed the new 2014 North Neo on Saturday …

North Neo 2014

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