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Well what a month of Sun! Best Summer in 7 years apparently …

Its been all about what can you do when its not windy this July … ?! Well thats not entirely true, there has been wind but much of it from the NE, especially at the beginning of the month. To be fair that’s the trend for this season, it’s been a while since we have experienced a North Easterly Summer. I have to admit I’ve been waiting for us to have one since the run of previous years have been so solid from the South West …


The Good news is the sunny, warm conditions entices out the beginners for their starter kitesurfing lessons. If that’s not been their choice of fun, everyone has gone Suping mad or stuffed themselves with Bar B Q food … Don’t recall witnessing British beaches so busy since … ??! Many red lobsters scattered round the shores of Brighton

Even better news is were advertising Gerry Broom’s Sup Yoga Sessions on the BN1 site now. Gerry is great and if you wish to keep fit and supple with a hint of water sports added into the mix … she could be just your ticket!

The Bad news is … It’s been pants for paragliding! Air has been way to stable … would so like to fly again soon

This week we are seeing the return of South westerly’s. Fingers crossed and lets see if the wind gods can deliver as there are many poised and waiting to endure in the sport we all love …

See you down the beach … Wind or Sun!

Cheers Stava

Ps. Had a Sneaky Peak at the North 2014 Kit on Wednesday … 😉

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