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Someone said to me on the beach the other day … its August next week …. Woh!!!!! Where did that last two months go? What with the trip to Egypt, more wind than I can ever remember on an individual day and some flying … here we are … August! Someone needs to do a wind dance though as were getting the fancy dress gear out to amuse ourselves?!

Check this out, I got the invite to pretend to be frogman on Saturday. What fun that was … always wanted to be the first ginger astronaut to set foot on the bottom of Brighton’s sea bed. But alas … No! … my ambitions were held back for another time as my ears wouldn’t equalise … damn that summer cold! So we found a secret spot to have some mischief! On the way out to our tale of two frogmen we did meet some unlikely characters goating it around in their goat boats … apparently going spear fishing. Think i’ll stick to being a Frog! Ribbit !! Oh Yes … Kevin was so excited he blew himself up at the end!

We had a light sea breeze saturday afternoon but unless you had a 17m lancaster bomber it was only teasing your appetite to get on the water …

Much Thanks to my frogging friends Kev & Tash, who took me out for a frogman session on a frogging Saturday!!

Frog it up!!

Stava 🙂

Ps. Looks like wind Saturday!!

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