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For the majority of this week we’ve been impressed with a solid 25 knots of NE wind with mini gangster riders kite looping round our air space from all directions. Today was like a scene out of the wild west in Kent ‘Greatstone’, with numerous sqawls pushing from a more northerly point it wouldn’t matter what size kite you had pumped, it never would have been right choice.

One gust hit us so hard that my lonesome 5.5m Buzz secured by some heavy wet sand took off like a piece of tumbleweed heading towards Dungeness power station. Out from know where, super hero JB was running around the beach saving everyone in need with his bare hands. Don’t think i’ve ever seen him run so quick (I was quite impressed). Might purchase him some red speedos to wear over his wetsuit 🙂

Moments before this mass of weather blanketed us, i was only explaining to my group how weather can change so randomly… you should have seen the look on their faces! Times like these always remind me of situations where riders get caught out batttling with their wings or being T bagged out on the horizon … today was no exception! The pinnacle of my morning was meeting one chap with his 17m Strike thankfully not in the air and secured by his feet … as i walked past he said ‘I’ve not been out for 3 years’ … my passing thought being … ‘Good Luck, if you put that kite up, you might not be going out for another three!’

Equipment is alot safer than ever before but nature as a way of reminding us that there are days out there when the elements will always be one step ahead … so we should respect the signs. Today was one of those …

Smile & Be Safe …


Ps. Guns Loaded!

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