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So …. July’s over and to be honest i can’t piece one day to the next. Basically we’ve had wind and plenty of Fun! This weekend @ Lancing was no exception though for the first time this year we had a taste of teaching in typical uk wet conditions on saturday morning … who ordered the rain? πŸ™‚ Being british this didn’t stop us from running our kitesurfing courses … Sun, rain or snow its on! Wasn’t going to stop Greig or Richard at the crack of dawn …

Karen and Zuzana have bonded as troublesome buddies on sunday morning flying there little socks off! Nice to see Simon on the board and Pete getting his first set of wings.

Today, Lou was back. Student and friend from Boost days who took maternity leave away from kiting. She has just sent me a text stating how she loves kite flying … think she enjoyed the break for a few hours.

Looks like wind this week, with sea breezes forecasted. Though tonight was capped off paragliding to the sunset below… Amazing!


stava πŸ™‚

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