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Wow … I’ve just returned from a smashing snow sports season to be welcomed with a very warm Uk Spring … compared to last year πŸ™‚

The winter season in Davos ended well with some very sore legs but with smiles the length of the valley. Our last week witnessed one of the biggest dumps of the season with a good 2 foot of fresh landing around our feet turning a two week summer back to a week of winter once again. Temps stayed cool offering us a few days of fresh to sign our lives away with very few riders on the hill … pure luxury! By last few days spring returned with a few valley breezes to allow my ski trainer Mr Galeano to benefit from a few pointers on how to fly a kite … He’s hooked line and sinker already … Always good to trade on some skills πŸ™‚

The trip back was Epic with a stop over in the famous spa town of Baden Baden … A must for anyone who wishes to relax and refuel the body. Then cap it off with the medieval ‘Chocolate’ capital of Europe to indulge yourself in everything that is sweet … ‘Brugges’

So, back to the flying start of our UK Kitesurfing season, which is promising to be a good one if the last few days are anything to go by. I don’t remember kitesurfing 4 days within six in April for such along time, just shows when the UK delivers … it can be a joy!

North have sent me all our new toys for, I’m very much enjoying the larger sizes in the Evo so far. If you have looked at the product videos this year the kite has had a redesign. The result is a kite which is still the ‘Jack of All Trades’ but something a little more high performance with out making it inaccessible to the beginner. Much more exciting than years before and loves to fly. I’ve bought a few Neo’s too … Still waiting to enjoy that surprise …

April will be a month of organising the coming season, running an overseas workshop in Morocco and gradually kiting back into the swing of things, though in truth after the past few days it feels like I never left home.

Roll on 2014 Summer

C u on da Beach πŸ˜‰

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