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So you hang around for solid wind all weekend and as always its a school night that delivers. Phone calls all afternoon for eager friends already pumped and ready to go wishing to experience their first down wind run from Lancing to Shoreham Beach.

I arrived 4 o’clock … classic conditions! Force 4-5 south west. The challenge to encourage Dave to engage his heal edge riding in. Due to his snowboarding knowledge, he’d adopted a superb style to coming in toeside at all times, but this was the session to break the habit. This was the first time i’d coached Dave and aftera few circuits and words of advise we soon agreed ‘ why had he just not tried this before?’

Once he’d conquered his newly aquired bi directional skills, we were gone blasting off down wind enjoying the space and freedom a downwinder can offer. Though as we leaved my highlight was witnessing Michelle who i taught last year racing across the wind wearing the biggest smile stating …. ‘look at this i’m doing it hands in the air!’

The biggest thrill from teaching is … ‘The Reward … The Glory Moment!’ The moment of when your student has experienced that first taste of the Goal they once chose for themself. Today we both felt that glory, a new place a new moment … all that hard work being rewarded by the sparkle of this great sport. Nice one Michelle! … and great work Glen!

And what a fun downwinder with Dave and Simon … lets do it again sometime! How we love a windy Monday!

Stava 🙂

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